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Skein/Yarn cozie with multicolored knit stitches

Skein/Yarn cozie with multicolored knit stitches

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This listing is for 1 skein cozie/yarn holder.

Each yarn sleeve is intended to hold 100g/120g cake of yarn.

Skein cozy are a must have for any knitter or crocheter. This cute cozies/coat/holder, whatever it is you want to call it keeps your yarn cake intact until the skein is gone.
I always hated trying to keep my yarn tail tucked in and once my cake got smaller and smaller the cake would just kinda fall apart. This skein coat will keep your yarn tame and manageable throughout your entire project. Just simply put this skein coat/cozy over your cake and toss it into your project bag with no worries of it coming apart. Best of all it’s reusable. I guarantee once you use one you won’t go without again!!! It’s simply genius.

Colors may vary slightly from the picture, due to lighting conditions, computer monitor settings and camera calibration.
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