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Silicon Knitting cord/ Barber cord w/ tin

Silicon Knitting cord/ Barber cord w/ tin

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Too many WIPs? Me too!! This is a set of two 120" silicone knitting cords to fit all those stitches on. Turquoise 1 mm & Blue 1.5 mm. A tin is provided for storage Just fit them onto your needle and slide the stitches down - then you can knot the cord to secure them. Try your garment on, or check the full size of your knit!

These can also be used to rescue interchangeable needle cords if you need them for another project (the way I always do, with the WIPs everywhere!!). Here you can see it on a sleeve that I'm knitting and will be trying on - at first it seems precarious, but when you get it on the needle give it a good tug - you'll see how tight it fits on the needle and how you can really move the stitches over onto the cable.

I have been able to fit these cords on up to size 15 needles without issue.

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